Weenie Bikini

You might have heard of the term “weenie bikini” but before you jump to conclusions about what it is, let’s first make note that this style is strictly for women. It’s better known as a micro bikini. Hopefully that clears up any confusion about who wears this style.

The modern bikini was unveiled in Paris in 1946, and since that scandalous reveal, the bikini has become much more mainstream and common in the world of swimwear. Women were accustomed to being properly clothed and conservatively dressed and as time progressed, eventually welcomed the idea of wearing the tantalizing two-piece to the beach.  As with all things in fashion, the bikini has evolved from the original suit design. Styles gradually become smaller, skimpier, shapelier. Colors have become more varied, patterns more bold. Embellishments began including sequins, crystals, beading, metallic fabrics, lace and even cut-outs and crochet. Tops come in triangles, halters or bandeaus while bottoms are now available in briefs, boyshorts or Brazilians. You even have your pick with rises, cuts and sides.  With so many styles and options, what’s next after the tankini, string bikini and thong bikini? What’s next in the evolution of bikinis??

Why, the weenie bikini of course. As in, itsy bitsy teeny weenie. The bikini, as you now know is a two-piece bathing suit, and the weenie version is merely a style that’s remarkably smaller. When it comes to coverage, the weenie bikini is designed with the bare minimum in mind.  That means only an itty bitty bit of fabric and showing a whole lot of skin. On top, whether it’s a triangle, halter or bandeau style, there’s just enough fabric to cover the breasts. The bottoms feature only enough fabric to cover the front and the rest is all strings, meaning a g-string in the back and strings to attach the front and back. With the weenie bikini, when it comes to “less is more”, it’s more like “less fabric, more skin”. And why not? You’re at the beach to get some sun anyway, so why not tan those cheeks?

The weenie bikini has become fairly mainstream at beaches in Europe, Australia and South America, with more and more women being seen wearing the style. The US is definitely more shy and slow to hop on the bikini bandwagon as we tend to be more conservative and image conscious than our international peers. It might take a few more years but this weenie bikini trend has the potential to become popular in the States.  If you want to expose yourself to more rays while you’re out frolicking in the sands, the weenie bikini is perfect for you.

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